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giant squid?


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For the first time in history, an adult, live specimen of a giant squid (Architeuthis Julesvernicus) has been drawn out of the briny, unknown deeps of the Pacific Ocean and captured.


Dirk Savage, the famous British explorer and cryptozoologist, recovered the creature after months of searching in the Pacific Ocean, near the exotic oriental isles of Japan. "It took several months of searching in the Pacific Ocean, near the exotic oriental isles of Japan," said Savage during a interview on Monday, "But the inevitable march of science could not be slowed, not even by this beady-eyed monster from the black depths!"


Proudly standing with his bandaged arms folded across the chest of his ripped khaki shirt at a dockside in the Pacific, he grinned for the cameras. In between drags on a cigarette, his steely eyes glinting in the Pacific sunset, the famous inventor, explorer, naturalist, playboy and former fighter pilot-turned-wealthy industrialist recanted his tale of heroism and aquatic danger.


"It started with rumors. The native fishermen around here tell a tall tale of telling but fantastical detail. Thanks to my multilingual companion on all my daring and exotic adventures, Bobo the Monkey--say hello Bobo, there's a good chap--I was easily able to determine a probable dwelling-area for the fabled beast, which I believe can grow to a length of several hundred feet."


According to Savage and his Turkish assistant and bodyguard, Haliph, they hired a ship and set about laying traps for the beasts, whose great eyes can see for miles even in the murky depths of the sea. "The first difficulties we had were Burmese pirates. Luckily, my months at the Academy of Fencing in London served me well, once I was able to disarm a ruffian and take up his blade," said Savage, while feeding Bobo a slice of mango.


"After that, it was smooth sailing until the storms rocked our tiny ship for four days, tossing us about like some plaything in a child's bathtub. If I hadn't lashed myself to the tiller, we would've been lost for sure," said Savage.








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here is my theory on diving - things are where they are supposed to be: they live under water' date=' i live on land... if the time comes when a giant squid drops by for lunch at my house, then i will consider repaying the visit... until then, no. :)[/quote']


lol :lol:


me no---i'll do fun new things but if i dont like it that one time, i'll never do it again---but you gotta try it atleast, who knows and you might like it



oh and that squid thing is scary---it really does make you think twice about scooba diving--but then again, by tomorrow, i will forget about it

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