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Sometimes You Just Need Help...


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And today is one of those days for me, I have came back from a wonderful holiday with my boyfriend, and am dreading going back to college Monday moring, since I have joined I've liked the lessons as such but the days are long 8 - 6 including travel and I find myself alone more and more everyday.


It's really getting me down to the point I just want to leave now, I'm 18 and will be stuck there for two years on my own.


I talk to people but I don't "hang out with them" the people in my group are awful anyway! I just want to be happy but I'm not, I already left my last college too so I know doing that again, unless I found a job straight away! Would upset my parents.


I just with I had an excuse...such as...the college don't think I can catch up or something crappy.


My boyfriend is doing well as an accountants appentice and I just feel lost with no idea what is best for me.


So sometimes you just need help...

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I know its gonna be the hardest part of your life so far.. However the sacrifice will be better for you in the longer term.... u wont lose him if he loves you... that emotion alone will keep you both going !

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