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NCAA Men's Hoops


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yes, i know it is a bit early... but i just got my season tix, so it got me excited for the season to start. tell your team and we will see where everyone is at when march madness rolls around :D


my team: university of kentucky WILDCATS!! GO BIG BLUE!!

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the university of kentucky wildcat exhibition opener tonight!! got my tix ready, got my banner ready, and already got my fingernails painted wildcat blue :lol: . rupp arena get ready for BASKETBALL ACTION!!


C...A...T...S CATS CATS CATS :juggle: :jester: :kid: :juggle:


(yes, i am just a wee bit obsessed ;) )

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am i the only coldplay fan that cares about this??? been to each home game thus far, and we kicked ass. just makes me happy i guess :) .



fact: the university of kentucky has the most wins of any basketball team in any division of college basketball.


i think that may explain this addiction - it is more like a religion here. it's in the blood... we even make babies wear wildcat blue :lol: oh my GOD, it's a cult :stunned: , but i love it!!

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