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You're by far the best singers, quoted by Coldplay


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JA..ni som fick uppleva händelsen i globen. Vad tyckte ni om "sång testet" som Chris gjorde me oss. Var väl inte så pjåkigt!? Hade en jävla god rytm i mitt tycke i alla fall... :smug:


"You, who got to experiance the event in the globe. What did you thought about the "sound check-up" that Chris tested on us. Not so bad, hughh? We had a untouchable rythm, by my opinon.... :lol:"

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En sak som jag har dött o få reda på...vad menar dom me det dom skrev i aftonbladet: "When the audience out sung the PA system Chris when nuts!!"


PA system....har det nåt me dessa sifror i bakgrunden(vit bakgrund med gröna lr svarta siffror)


Måste veta!

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But does anyone remember exactly what he said? It was something like 'You're one of the best coutries at singing' Then somehing about Texas being up there with us and then 'Now this next song we sing and forget about George Bush' That's how I remember it anyway.

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yeah this is it :-)


"weve been playing alot of concerts now and, your singing is amongst the very best in the world so.. :)"

"that includes texas, usa. Everybody has to sing to forget about George Bush ;)"


Personally i think that the singing in msg at the 6th of sept-show outclasses this one (that one was true magic, possibly the best concert ive ever seen), but coldplay has been playing alot of gigs so i guess they cant remember each crowd. =)

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