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was anyone at manchester! [2002]


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i was there! (with catherine) they were absolutely fantastic - i was apprehensive at first cos it's such a big venue but they were just great. i saw them at glasto too - and they were brilliant there as well. 8) i've just read this back and it's hardly in-depth analysis but there isn't really much more i can say :D

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idlewild had a few stand-out songs that were great (american english was fantastic - they closed with that) but other than that i can't see they really blew me away. but other people i know who've been to see just them thought they were amazing, so maybe it was just the occasion/me. :)

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i plan to be at whatever festival coldplay headline next year & if radiohead headline too! :shock: omg what if they took one night of glasto each? my life would be complete! :D


i hope as many of you as possible make it to a festival so that we can all meet up! :)

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