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Philadelphia Gig


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Hey everyone, it looks like the Coldplay Concert in Philly had decent seats for the general sale after all. It makes you wonder how many actually went out through the coldplay.com pre-sale...


Anyways, I ended up getting Section 108 Row J... does anyone know if they are good seats? According to the 3D Wachovia center model, they appear to be on the floor, but that cannot be right... TM said that they were level 1. So, could anyone tell me if they are decent seats then?



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Yep...they're on the floor! Check the seating chart...it's kind of hard to tell, but you'll see 108 squeezed in there. I think the Level 1 was Price Level 1.


I, too, got really good seats for the same show. Really happy!


By the way, where is this site that I can see what the seats look like? I'd love to see how mine are. Thanks!

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Guys, the layout you're looking at is for the wrong venue. The show is in the Wachovia Center, not the Spectrum. I don't know how familira you are with the sports center in Philadelphia, but these are 2 totallt different arenas. Tickets for sections in thr 100's are in the first level, not the floor. Still in the level 1 price range for most. Mine are in 102, row 16, but still a great view. In fact, I think better than on the floor as you're slightly elevated.


Here's links you might find helpful:





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Wow...my seats look pretty good with that 3D thing!. I'm in Section 105, Row 6...kind of far away, but for the $56 tickets, I'm really happy. It's better than being in 219, Row 11 (behind the stage) like I was for U2 in May!


Now comes the hard part...waiting for April to roll around. I can't believe it's the closer for the U.S. leg. The band is definitely going to go all out!

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