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Coldplay in Toulouse


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That was just amazing!!!! Oh my god, i need to go and see them again - soon!!! (i was so depressed on saturday because it was all over)

only pb, it was just too short... u guys were all avaraging 1h40 1h45, im pretty sure we didnt get that long :cry: and ahas anyone else noticed that when chris comes to the edge of the stage to sing, he never looks down at the audience?! i was right at the front, hoping that he would see my hand (with the two rings and Make Trade Fair sign) but no...

But hey, truely amazing experience....!!!!

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Erm,the setlist..not quite sure if i remember to put all the songs ,but anyway..

Square One

Don´t Panic


Everything´s Not Lost


God Put A Smile Upon Your Face


The Scientist

White Shadows

japanese bonus-track How You See The World



Speed Of Sound

Swallowed In The Sea

´Til Kingdom Come

In My Place

Fix You


Well,they´re not in the right order,except the first one and two last ones...And i wouldnt be surprised if i made some mistakes or just forgot something.Sorry...

Just soooo tired at the moment :snore:

But oh yes,the concert was ab-so-lu-te-ly amazing.....

Anyone has photos of it maybe,i´d really like to get some :rolleyes:

And see you all at Oasis gig here in Toulouse,on the 4.th of February ;)



Lights Will Guide You Home

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