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  1. Oh wow congrats! :) That's awesome! Please let me know if somebody has a spare ticket and needs a +1! Unfortunately, I didn't receive any emails...
  2. Does anyone know at what time the taping starts and when the audience is supposed to get to the TV studios?
  3. Do you guys know how people from outside of France can apply for tickets? Or is that not possible?
  4. Bei mir hat's leider auch nicht geklappt. :( Hatte auch 18 Freunde gebeten für mich teilzunehmen und alle haben eine Absage bekommen. Sehr schade, aber herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Gewinner!
  5. Congrats to Steffi! :) Did anyone else get an email from Telekom? I'm starting to lose hope... :-/ If anybody has a spare ticket left, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!!
  6. Please add me to the PM list, too! :) Can't waaaait to listen to it!!!!!
  7. Does anyone know if a recording of this show exists? :) Would be great to have it!
  8. Wow, that looks awesome! :) I got a ticket for row 4 - I'm sooo excited! :)
  9. Holy crap, you're right! :) I just got a Stalls ticket!!!! :) :)
  10. I'm still looking for a ticket, too... I was refreshing the page the entire day and had to go to school about 15 minutes before they went on sale again, so I missed it all... :(
  11. Yeah sorry for the confusion, it was a bit difficult to explain what I meant... ;) Anyway, my ticket is in block F but I'm still not sure which way the band will be facing.
  12. Don't the small letters on the floor indicate the blocks? Which would mean that your "A" belongs to Blocks A and F... maybe? :) If their backs are supposed to be towards the original stage, it would mean that they face into the direction of your "C", doesn't it? But then the piano should be more towards your "D" if it stands on its usual spot. Sorry I still find it a bit confusing...
  13. I'm confused - isn't Block A right next to the "Stage" section and Blocks C and D across from the original RAH stage? I have a ticket in Block F and it'd be good to know if I'll be looking at their backs most of the time.
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