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Suggestion re: future pre-sales!!


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I have mentioned this before, but I'm sure everyone will agree it's worth repeating!! :)

As everyone will know, there are countless members on here who weren't lucky enough to get pre-sale tickets for various venues and are now desperate for some.

As these shows presumably sell out completely every time at every venue, I suggest that any Coldplaying.com member who is lucky enough to get through the pre-sale "system" gets their full allocation (normally four) regardless of how many they actually require, with a view to selling them on to members at "cost".

That way we can help other members out and at the same time put a dent in the activities of the "profiteers".

Tickets offered on here they are far less likely to end up in the hands of the touts/scalpers, and it's pretty clear to everyone who the "regulars" are anyway.......................

And if it's clear that anyone is trying to "profit" from selling tickets, it shouldn't take long for them to be "outed".

Anyone got any thoughts on this topic?

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