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Websites and MP3s


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Hosting mp3's is a pain as most webhosts that are free have a file limit (which rules out most mp3's) and they all have a maximum file space limit which is often low too (less than a full concert per acct). Many webhosts can sense what type of file is on your site and will massively decrease downloading speed for mp3's being downloaded by all the people who try to go on your site. Plus bandwidth limits can also mean 1 or 2 people downloading a whole show will turn off your site a few hours and overuse your bandwidth. And then of course you need to upload the entire show in the first place after your download and learn to use an ftp program. This of course will be only possible if you have broadband in the first place.


*whew* :(


so is it worth it?


depends if you are web experienced or not i guess. I have experience with this stuff and I'm still not sure I'D even give it a try. Thats why i trade shows via mail. I get more shows, i get them in superior format (mp3 are nice but full CD-quality are much better, and they are cheaper and less time consuming in the long run.


If you are still interested I'd send an email to any of the current mp3 site owners and get some advice. Personal web accts are the easiest and most flexible but you are making yourself even more liable if the music label tries to shut you down. :shrug:

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