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help is just around the corner. anyone?


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i hated ginger spice.............ugh everyone called me that in school when they were big.

please dont call me ginger spice....it just makes my fingers go numb thinking about that name. :shock: i'm surprised i could type this and tell all of u about it........ah oh well :x

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hmmm...........i wonder what i would do if there was a coldplay song i didnt like............eww that would be like a bad dream i wouldnt want to have....more like a nightmare........well...i dont think i'll ever get tired of coldplay........they just need to keep putting out more music.......i'll love them forever.

right now i'm listening to brothers and sisters i love the way that song starts out. jonny is really good in this song. he sounds great.

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my god, i cant even remember who was who anymore!! i was a big prep though, and every one said i was posh(i THINK she was the 1 who wore the dresses and was named victoria. or was that sporty??) daa! i donno. :roll: *sigh* ..... my struggles of life.

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