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Coldplay + Remixing


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exactly!! hmm, l listened to the trouble remix...ONE of them NOT the where the rapper is saying some random word...lol...another remix, it was alright..BUT SHIT compared to the real one...HAVE YOU HEARD the scientist remix?? :? ugh!...l wanted to cry! :cry:

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i heard the Clocks remix the other day on this radio station and i actually like it, it wasnt that bad. Sometimes when they remix a song it can sound like complete shit or pretty good, i did hear the trouble remix and i didnt like it.

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most of the coldplay mixes i've heard are really pants, but I've got 2 mixes of clocks that are worthy of mention, well I like em :)


ones the clocks David X remix which is more classic house which I love,...


and theres the Coldplay v Cosmos white label which is rather good too! If anyone wants them, let me know! :)

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