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Coldplay: New Album On The Way


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The band end those split rumours in conclusive manner


Coldplay have an album’s worth of new material and are planning to set up their own HQ in London to record it - despite tabloid reports they’re to split.


Having recorded their third album, ‘X&Y’, in studios across the world, Chris Martin and co aren’t in a hurry to repeat the experience. So, after borrowing a Kraftwerk riff on last single ‘Talk’, the band are now set to follow their approach to recording. Inspired by the German group’s Kling Klang studio, where no outsiders are allowed, they’re now planning to build their own London space to record the follow-up.


And, despite Martin’s claims at the Brit AWards that the group would move out of the limelight, they are also adamant that any suggestion of a split is untrue.


“We’ll have a month here and there - we’ll think about writing and where we want to go to next,” drummer Will Champion told NME. “We’re trying to find somewhere where we can set up and work. In all these years we haven’t got a HQ or our own studio. We want somewhere where we can sort of hole up and see what happens.”


The band have been working on new songs during soundchecks - meaning they have tracks ready to record.


And bassist Guy Berryman said the band now feel inspired to experiment with songs.


“I don’t want to generalise it and say, ‘We’re going to become electronic,’ ‘cos I don’t think we are,” he said. “I think there’s going to be elements of lots of things. It’s hard to say, all the ideas are just spinning around inside my head and I’ve got a lot of new toys to play with. I’d like it to be a bit harder sounding. Not rock harder, just edgier. We’ll always have melody.”


Champion agree, claiming that their three albums work together, but they may have gone as far as they can with their sound.


“I think there’s a definite feeling of a cut-off point,” he said. “I don’t think we could easily carry on with the same feel, image and music without it becoming too much, too overblown. It’s reached its peak, so whatever happens in the future we think we’ll have to be quite different just because people will be saying, ‘Oh, it’s another Coldplay record.’ There’s no sense in doing just another Coldplay record, the world doesn’t need another Coldplay record. They need something different.”


For the recording of ‘X&Y’, many of the songs didn’t feel right to the band until they locked themselves away and hammered them out live. And it’s a lesson they’re learnt from for album number four.


“In the same way that we had loads of songs ready when we did the last two records, we’re at that stage now where we’ve got songs,” Champion explained. “They will need a lot of work, we need to learn how to play them. We’ve learnt from our mistakes in terms of the idea that it’s important for us to play the songs together and to have them as live as possible.


“We’d love to be able to record an album like that - having played it and played it for weeks and weeks, we know every single note and then go in and whack it down, that’d be a dream. You’ve just got to keep pressing to make the perfect record.”


Martin even has a title ready.


“It’s totally under wraps!” Will laughed. “I think we’ve had a tradition of releasing how many words in the title there is. I think it’s five words in the title.


NME 25/02/2006 - transcribed by Nettie

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