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  1. R.I.P. I didn't know you that much but... I don't know... We'll never forget you that's terrible... anyway I'll never forget this terrible day when I heard your story...

  2. Rip nettie i was just listening to the absolute radio interview before vlv and you asked chris to wisj you a hsppy birthday

  3. RIP Nettie. :( You'll always be in our hearts. Rudy.

  4. we all miss you

  5. :( Thank you for the Bucket For A Crown recording, I trust that was you, and rest in peace.

  6. Rest In Peace Nettie, I did not know you, but from what I have heard, you sounded like a wonderful person :heart: I hope you are in Coldplay heaven now :wacky: You will never be forgotten, and you will always have a place in us Coldplayers hearts :heart: :bigcry:

  7. rest in peace nettie, i didnt know you but ive heard such wonderful things about you <3

  8. haven't visited this page for a long long time and these sad news i found out randomly got me coming here :( god, you very one loving and enthusiastic person with such humor it's hard to find. may you rest in peace.

  9. RIP Nettie We will never forget you.

  10. R.I.P Nettie you will always be in our hearts :) hope ur lookin over us listening to coldplay forever Love Emma x x x

  11. RIP Nettie... no one will ever shatter your concert record

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