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  1. Hey Carley! Yeah, I've had probs too! Yesterday, I noticed my left foot/ankle has swollen up and I have a strange blemish on my right thigh. I'm gonna leave things, but if they get worse I'm going to the docs....:\
  2. This man will be the death of me for sure...........:dead:
  3. May I present to you Chris as Peter Crouch...:laugh4:
  4. FOR all Coldplay fans out there, there are five pairs of tickets to the group’s concert as well as five new Nokia N91 multimedia devices to be won. Coldplay will be playing live in Singapore on July 10 as part of its Twisted Logic concert tour in the region. In conjunction with this multi-platinum award-winning group’s concert, EMI is releasing a SEA Tour Edition of its X&Y album that includes a bonus DVD. On this DVD, there are audio tracks Things I Don’t Understand, Proof, The World Turned Upside Down, Pour Me - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Sleeping Sun and Gravity as well as musi
  5. Thanks for the info.....:heart:
  6. Fuck! I missed that :( I wasn't holding my camera high enough. Did anyone caputure this or take a picture of it?:confused::veryangry::thinking::dozey::cry:
  7. Some Jonny grabbage [which I'd like to grab...:wink3:]
  8. From the Isle of Wight Festival brouchure... They might just be, you know. And not without just reason. Coldplay do something nobody else can: they write huge songs that touch you intimately; they create massive, soaring edifices of sound that can feel like a whisper in your ear; they can build you up to the point where you’re flying, and then with a chord change - send you crashing back down again. They write music that can inspire you to change your life, and that’s the rarest trick of all. But you know what else? It’s not only the walls of sound, the rising melodies and colossal rhyth
  9. It's official. Jonny Buckland has a great ass! :wink3:
  10. My favourite one is this...:laugh4:
  11. Chris has such a big gob. He could swallow the whole world...:laugh4:
  12. Thanks for resurrecting my thread...;)
  13. I have those seaside piccies hi res....:)
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