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Ey,you fool,don't unleash yourself!!!

Gitta Rensolo

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Well......this is not a situation which I experienced myself.....I only experience this in a passiv way because of my friends....


So...they are in a relationship....they see their Boyfriends every weekend......or more often.....usually their boyfriends write them a message or call them everyday....




if they didn't do that one day.....my friends go nuts.....they are so angry then....


I always sit there then and say nothing....because I couldn't imagine getting so angry because of that....for me it always sounds as if the Bfs are at a chain and they can't escape.....


I mean also in general........when I see realtionships...sometimes it seems to me as if one of the partners doesn't have an own life anymore....this is sad.....


of course the girl/boyfriend should know where the partner goes etc etc.....


But sometimes i think it is too much....


Ok...maybe I see things too uncomplex because I have never been in a relationship....


But from what i can consider i only can say...this is too much.....in my opinion...

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i completely agree with you! i sit back and observe and some girls are really like that. i think, geez give it a rest, the boys got his own life to (or vice versa). i cant imagine getting angry because he didnt call me one night, not the end of the world.

also when the girls whinge and whine all the time for the bf's undivided attention.. i think 'how could you put up with that"

i guess i too am not in a relationship at the moment but if i were i would make time for me and him, but also be cool with him spending time with his own life (mates.footy. bloke stuff) and i would expect the same.....it would get quite annoying if he rang me up everynight and txted me all day


so yes it is all too much

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Absolutely! It ust be nice getting text messages from your girl/boyfriend but maybe it's better to wait and meet in person (I think so...I've never been in a relatioship so I wouldn't be able to say it) or a simple phone call at night to check up on each other. Probably if I were in a relationship and my bf did that stalking thing with his cellphone I'd get sick of it

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