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  1. I actually believe it's been rubbish for a while, the storylines aren't nearly as good as they used to be. I wouldn't really keep watching if wentworth miller weren't so damn sexy
  2. Just finished On Chesil Beach, and I've accepted Ian McEwan as one of my favourite writers after reading only two of his novels (Amsterdam was the other one). Started 'Time's Arrow' by Martin Amis, not light reading at all
  3. Just came across [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR3eUjD6y6o&feature=iv&annotation_id=event_562256]this[/ame], it's a pretty accurate description of the political situation in the states by John Cleese. It's funny too!
  4. I saw them live last night, and I have to say they totally blew me away. They seemed so happy when they were playing, I think it reflected on the audience. Dave was charismatic as always, Boyd, Steffan, Jeff and Tim were amazing and a special mention to Carter who ROCKED! He even stayed for a few minutes after the show and started throwing drumsticks to the audience. It was all I'd expected and more. Long live DMB!!
  5. Buenas, como andan? Resurjo de las cenizas con un pedido: si alguno llegara a estar interesado en ir a ver a dave matthews band en el pepsi el proximo viernes, y todavia no tiene su entrada (porque, como yo, no tiene contactos en ningun lado y no las consigue de arriba), yo todavia no compre la mia y me acabo de enterar que hay 2x1 con club la nacion. Si les pinta, mándenme un mail, yo las compro en la semana y arreglamos. Cópense, que DMB está muy bueno
  6. To all of you Friends fans out there, I recommend the gag reels on youtube, sometimes they're even funnier than the actual episodes.
  7. Just finished The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi, and started Platform by Michel Houellebecq
  8. It's the longest relationship I've ever had, with Friends I mean. I'm sure I've seen every episode (or close) to the point of knowing many lines by heart. Reruns here will probably go on forever, adn I hope they do!
  9. I've heard Dead Parrot is used as a popular reference for death, read somewhere that even Margaret Thatcher said it. It's just so damn good!
  10. I have sworn not to drink again on several occasions, having a hang over on sunday afternoon is horrible. But being a happy drunk and knowing your limit is fun! I like it, being very distant when I'm sober, it allows me to be more sociable.
  11. You know, I haven't been a fan of DMB for so long, yet to me it seems like forever. I believe I was 14 or 15 when I first got internet connection, and it completely changed my life. I started listening to new music every day, and I one of the first bands I listened to was DMB, I just couldn't believe how engrossing their music was, I wanted more and more, more of those amazing lyrics and tunes. I don't know why, but I can always remember and connect certain songs or artists with periods of my life. I haven't stopped listening to them in 3 years, and their songs are always a reminder of happy
  12. :Dno problem, I shall spread the python love everywhere I can. If you have time you should watch one of their movies, I've only seen The Holy Grail and absloutely loved it.
  13. S - Somebody to love - Queen
  14. The thing is that they JUST announced the dates on their official website, and they played a show the other day dedicated to LeRoi. I sincerely hope they don't cancel the show, since Jeff Coffin has been covering for him in recent shows.
  15. As a woman, I can state without a doubt that an angry chick is a billion times more dangerous than any angry man. A few punches and you'll be getting wasted at the pub again, whereas we will NEVER (EVER EVER) forgive nor forget.
  16. There will be blood - 10/10 Daniel Day-Lewis is probably the finest actor I've ever seen. And Paul Dano manages to be noticed inspite of such a strong lead character.
  17. Damn, they're playing here for the first time in a month. This is awful and sad but I can't help to feel grateful they didn't cancel their show here, I've been waiting for a long time.
  18. One of the first I wathced, and my absolute favourite Dead Parrot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vuW6tQ0218 Killer Joke Spam Ministry of Silly Walks Vocational Guidance Counsellor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMOmB1q8W4Y Last but not least, 'Me, Doctor' Me doctor, you Mr Burdenshaw Enjoy;)
  19. You do, but blame the stereotype on Prince Charles or the Queen, I think they're the ones who make you look cold, stiff and unimaginative. Of course, after watching 5 minutes of Python I knew it was wrong. Been watching some Fry and Laurie too.....yep, you have an amazing sense of humour.
  20. Proably too long, but I just HAD to post this. -There are ways of telling whether she is a witch. [/url]-Are there? Oh well, tell us. -Tell me. What do you do with witches? -Burn them. -And what do you burn, apart from witches? -More witches. -Wood. -Good. Now, why do witches burn? -...because they're made of... wood? -Good. So how do you tell whether she is made of wood? -Build a bridge out of her. -But can you not also build bridges out of stone? -Oh yeah. -Does wood sink in water? -No, no, it floats!... It floats! Throw her into the pond! -No,
  21. yup. HILARIOUS!! What is your name? My name is Sir Lancelot of Camelot. What is your quest? To seek the Holy Grail. What is your favourite colour? Blue. Right, off you go. :laugh3: By the way, the Dead Parrot Sketch is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The killer joke, the restaurant sketch, Agatha Christie, the ministry of silly walks!! God, these guys were good
  22. A friend of mine gave me a DVD a few monts ago and I loved it from the very start. It keeps getting funnier every time I watch it, and helped me destroyed my conception of British people having no sense of humour (no offense). Show some love for the boys
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