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Radiohead Artist To Debut London Views

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Radiohead graphic artist (and unofficial sixth member?) Stanley Donwood will debut his first solo exhibition this month in London. The month-long show will kick off May 19 at the Lazarides Gallery and will feature Donwood’s London Views collection. The show features 13 original prints that offer "an apocalyptic vision of modern day London, viewed in panorama from the Thames and showing iconic structures including Big Ben, Canary Wharf and the dome of St Paul's." The artist has worked with longtime pal Thom Yorke and the gang since he designed the artwork for 1994’s The Bends. Donwood’s art was honored when Amnesiac won a Grammy for Best Recording Package in 2001. Along with the prints, Donwood publishes various short stories on his official website, http://www.slowlydownward.com (isn't working at the moment) .

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