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Winning the musical battle

Ondes Martenot

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Canadiens=Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey team :happy2:


Here's one area where Montreal has a decided advantage in the series: The music playing when the Canadiens enter the ice just before the opening faceoff.

After a montage of famous moments in Canadiens history -- somehow, they all involve winning the Stanley Cup -- the Canadiens enter to a loop from Coldplay's "Fix You," the instrumental part where the guitars and then the drums come in (we'd post the right sound clip but for copyright issues; suffice to say, it's the portion of the song from 2:35 to 3:30 on the album track).


It's not the Vancouver Canucks coming onto the ice to the intro from "Where the Streets Have No Name," but it's a pretty cool moment. The song has a pretty majestic and emotional feel, which is fitting for the scene.


One man's opinion: At the risk of turning today's blog entries into nothing but arena-environment-bashing, it beats the stuffing out of "Rock You Like a Hurricane" for the x-millionth time...


(Not to offer criticism without a solution, here are couple options to consider in the future: "Superhero" by Jane's Addiction, at the risk of stealing from the "Entourage" opening credits; "Hyper Enough" by Superchunk, which opens with a wall of sound and never lets up and has the added benefit of locality; or U2's "City of Blinding Lights," which would bring the same crescendo of emotion as "Fix You" if it started 50 seconds before the starting goalie hit the ice so the guitars would come in at the same time as the players. Just thinking out loud here.)


Still, the RBC Center wins the musical battle on another front: In Montreal, fans sing along to a French-language commercial for arena sponsor Bell that caresses the ears the way a dentist's drill soothes an open nerve. And not just once! Twice!



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