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113 Killed in Russian Plane Crash


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An Armenian passenger plane crashed in stormy weather Wednesday off Russia's Black Sea coast while readying to land, killing all 113 people on board — most of them Armenians.


The Airbus A-320, which belonged to the Armenian airline Armavia, disappeared from radar screens about four miles from shore and crashed after making a turn toward the Adler airport near the southern Russian city of Sochi, emergency official Viktor Beltsov said.


Officials said all 113 people aboard the plane, including six children, were killed. It was the worst air disaster in Armenia's recent history.


The crash occurred early Wednesday during a flight from the Armenian capital of Yerevan to Sochi, a resort city on the Black Sea about 350 miles away.



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I read that they attempted a landing in really poor conditions which makes me wonder with radar and all modern technology etc...how can a plane still plunge into water and not be guided home?

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