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And yes, I did post this in the "Tecnologicalized" section, but seeing as how nobody ever goes in there, I figured I would never receive any help. So here I am...


Ok. So my pc cd burner drive doesn't work. When I try to burn a cd, it will go until the end, then just stop, and say the cd can't be burned. I can put cd programs like games into my computer and use them, but it just wont burn the cd. I can't find the cd to install the drive, which is the problem. Any help?

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Are you sure the burner part of the drive hasn't just burned itself out?? That happened to mine once..................................


No...cuz it's been this way for a while now, and I haven't gotten a chance to burn many cd's on it. Ugh and I'm really pissed right now...and feel like throwing my god damn computer out of the window.

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