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the support: Eisley and The Music


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I think that the two support acts for Coldplay are fantastic. I bought the Music's album a while ago and it just makes me want to boogie on down...and my dad loves it becasue it reminds him of his "mispent youth in the 70's." !!!! But i think Eisley are out of this world!! Everyone should checkout their website, because they post there a lot, and their dad maintains the site, and they have an official coldplay tour journal going, and it's sooo funny!! And the girls in the band are as giddy about meeting the Coldplay lads as any of us would be...the lead singer Sherri wrote..."what does one wear when meeting Chris Martin exactly...?!!" Aww bless! But seriously, visit the "songs" section there...their stuff is amazing, especially Head Against the Sky. What does everyone who has seen them live think??

Sinead xxxxxx

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I saw Eisely and The Music open for Coldplay on May 20th. Eisley really surprised me. I had heard great things about them on the other CP mb so I was expecting something good and I did. The Music kick ass! I bought their CD before I knew they were opening for Coldplay so it was a pleasant surprise to me when I found out they were opening. Their album's really good and they are really great live. Very energetic. I met Rob, Phil and Adam from The Music. They are really, really nice guys. :D

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