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[07/07/2006] Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia: Review


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Great review just received. Get a load of this!

Coldplay Concert in Perth (7th July -Burswood Dome)

setlist for coldplay

1. square one

2. politik

3. yellow

4. speed of sound

5. god put a smile on your face

6. what if

7. how you see the world

8. white shadows

9. the scientist

10. til kingdom come

11. ring of fire

12. trouble

13. clocks

14. talk


15. swallowed in the sea

16. in my place

17. fix you




+ They counted down on the big screen to the start of square one.

+ The graphics were AWESOME.

+ Chirs Martin on the piano is so damn hot.

+ *wants to be a groupie*

+ Shiiiny light show - the strobe lights'd send people into a fit though O_o

+ yellow got a massive roar

+ And he stuck the mic out for us to sing into it.

+ And then they released giant yellow balloons filled with confetti into the crowds.

+ Oh yeah. The crowd sang along for yellow alright. ^_____^

+ The balloons went on the stage and they batted them away.

+ Lots of screaming for speed of sound too.

+ His voice is hot. Far more hot live than on the CD. Really.

+ They made the display into a flying-through-the-stars view for speed of sound

+ HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH his voice broke when he started singing god put a smile on your face

+ *voice breaks* *laughter from crowd* Oh fuck. Sometimes I have this urge to sing like a girl.

+ Substituted a line as god sent me to perth yeah.

+ The clip for the scientist in the background was cool - zooming in from space all the way into skin cells on a persons hand.

+ He also made us sing back to him what he was singing.

+ your singing is marvellous by the way!

+ He took photos with a camera and threw that into the crowd.

+ The guitar in til kingdom come? SO MUCH <3.

+ Told us the story.*

+ Dedicated ring of fire to Johnny Cash (and The Wiggles).

+ trouble was beautiful - his voice is just love.

+ OMG clocks!!!111

+ The light show for this was the best - LASERS.

+ It also got the biggest roar.

+ And behind the laser waves playing into the crowd, behind it all...

+ There was just a single spotlight on him playing the piano. *loves*

+ So hot. So damn hot. guh.

+ For talk he said if you guys on the side haven't stood up, now is an awesome time!

+ So we stood and did the hand waving and clapping and and yeah.

+ He sang into a random mobile. =O

+ ENCORE - screaming ourselves hoarse and clapped our hands til they were sore.

+ OMG SWALLOWED IN THE SEA ♥♥♥ possibly my favourite Coldplay song.

+ The light show was of handwritten lyrics and a songlist and a diary. ♥

+ And just him and the piano again.

+ So beautiful. guh. ♥

+ Yeah I love that song so damn much.

+ He ran into the crowd for in my place.

+ Up into the back stalls and into the top most row and sang.

+ Crowd went mad, I'm surprised he didn't get mobbed.

+ Finished with fix you.

+ Suspended lightbulb moment! (was wondering if he'd do that too)

+ He made the crowd sing along again.


+ He did everything he was meant to.

+ The closing music was apparently good night by The Beatles.


* About selling out 3 nights at Madison Square Garden and feeling awesome and like the best band evar and then being told that The Wiggles sold out 11 nights which brought him back to Earth.


[Thanks Sheeba]

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Burswood Dome. Friday July 7


Five years ago a little-known UK band took to the stage at Metropolis City to entertain a crowd of less than 2000. Friday night's concert was a different story.


Since then Coldplay have developed in leaps and bounds. Literally. While most of those at the 2001 show were impressed by the depth of the songs and the obvious musicianship, the performance lacked lustre and energy.


The same could not be said of Coldplay's dynamic performance in front of a 16,500 capacity crowd at Burswood Dome last night (Friday July 7). Of course a lot has happened in the life of Chris Martin and co in that time.


First all there was the breakthrough hit "Yellow", the a critically acclaimed second album "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" and the Martin's relationship with Hollywood Princess Gywneth Paltrow, all of which helped propel the band to the very top of the music league. The band's status as one of world's biggest and best bands was confirmed when they were one of the headliners and main drawcards at last year's Live 8.


So it was with a great deal of anticipation that old fans waited to see how the band's live performance had improved over the last five years. Kicking off with "Square One" from last year's "X&Y", it was evident from the very onset that while the line-up was the same, this was a very different band. Chris Martin flew around the stage like a whirling dervish. Leaping, bounding and bouncing like a five-year-old high on too much red cordial.


His animated performance proved beyond doubt that he can rightfully claim his place alongside the best showman in the music world. The rest of the band stood still, happy to let Martin shine, all the while never wavering and never missing a beat as they launched into "Politik". Addressing the crowd for the first time Martin remarked that the band had "finally made it back to Perth".


The statement was greeted by a loud cheer from fans who had petitioned and hounded promoters not to let the band bypass Perth for a second time, after Coldplay failed to head west on their previous trip down under. "Yellow" provided the first big sing-a-long moment as massive yellow balloons filled with gold glitter were propelled from the back of the dome to the stage. Charming the crowd with a balance of charm, confidence and humility, Martin mused that it was "the first time the band had played a venue bigger than England".


The massive, aircraft-hanger proportions of the Dome seemed to be a constant source of amusement for Martin who changed the words to "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" to include the line: "God sent me here to play at this enormous place" and later remarked that the back row were "in a different time zone".


Given his comments and the loud cheer that erupted when Martin's image finally appeared on the huge screens behind the stage, it was disappointing that the screens did not stay focused on the band for the remainder of the evening. Perhaps Martin felt the same, because during "In My Place" he sprinted the length of the venue, appearing at the very back of the dome just seconds later, where he happily continued the song as fans clambered to get closer.


There was a lull in the middle of the evening with slower and lesser known songs, but considering Coldplay still only have three albums worth of material to play with, it is hardly surprising it was not a greatest hits show.


A short acoustic set saw the band step outside their pop rock comfort zone to perform a rousing rendition of the Johnny Cash classic "Ring of Fire".


All too soon the band departed the stage, but to the sound of much cheering and stamping they returned with a brilliant encore kicking off with "Swallowed In The Sea". Leaving their finest moment to the very end, the band bid adieu to their loyal Perth fans with the superb "Fix You". It was an amazing end to an impressive show that had just the right balance of spit and polish and raw energy to let the songs shine. Let's just hope Coldplay don't leave it another five years before they return to wow us once more.


Source: http://news.com.au

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The massive, aircraft-hanger proportions of the Dome seemed to be a constant source of amusement for Martin who changed the words to "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" to include the line: "God sent me here to play at this enormous place" and later remarked that the back row were "in a different time zone".


:laugh3: he said something like that at our concert too, saying the people in the back were miles away - almost in England.


Wow, the concert sounds so great! I can't wait for the DVD to come out so my memories can come back and i can watch the concert over and over.

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I was there! We were in the seats on the right of the stage ... I cant believe the first mosh was so empty ... on our side it was anyway ... chris was awesome! And Guy took photos of our area before throwing the cameras into the crowd lol


and who knew chris could run so fast? my god! i thought he was going to do a full lap of the dome but no he just went up and down :P



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