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Global Oil Scam: War, Disaster, Lower Living Standards Mean Mega Profits

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Global Oil Scam: War, Disaster, Lower Living Standards Mean Mega Profits

Bilderberg's big oil boys come up trumps again while we pay through the nose


Steve Watson / Infowars | July 29 2006


This week has seen every major player in the oil industry announce record profits despite prices being at all time highs and production levels decreasing.


Surging oil prices helped drive quarterly profits for US energy giant ExxonMobil to 10.36 billion dollars, revenues have exceed $1bn a day, the first time in history for a US company. The second-quarter profit was up 36 percent from a year ago and approached the company's all-time record profit of 10.71 billion dollars that was believed to be one of the biggest for any company.


At $6.3bn, Royal Dutch Shell's underlying profits for the three months to the end of June were 36 per cent higher than over the same period last year, despite serious disruption to production in Nigeria. Shell's earnings were equivalent to about $3m an hour.


ConocoPhillips announced yet another record profit, a 65 percent increase in profit over this time last year.


BP Plc, Europe’s biggest oil company, said second-quarter profit climbed 30% to a record as crude prices surged and refining earnings increased.


Chevron Corp. said Friday its second-quarter profit surged 18 percent to set a new three-month high.


The record profits have been attributed to the rise in prices caused by the hurricanes in the gulf of Mexico and the escalating violence in the middle east.


Gas prices have hit all time highs.


"Americans are paying near-record gas prices, oil companies are reaping billions in profits, but the response from the Oil Men in the White House and the Republicans in Congress has been billions for Big Oil and a backhand to the American people," Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said Thursday.


US Representative Ed Markey added, "While American families get tipped upside down and have their savings shaken out of their pockets at the gas pump, the Bush-Cheney team devises even more ways to line Big Oil's pockets."


The three largest oil and gas producers in the world generated profits of nearly 23 billion dollars in the second quarter.




The oil industry's boom comes a year after the policy to artificially jack up prices was formulated and announced by the Bilderberg group in 2005 at their annual gathering.


Long term Bilderberg investigators Jim Tucker, of American Free Press, and Daniel Estulin have many of the same sources and both stated one year ago that Henry Kissinger told Bilderberg attendees during last year's conference in Rottach-Egernthat oil prices would double over the next year.


A year ago oil stood at $40 a barrel - now it's close to $75. Oil hit a record high of $78.40 a barrel earlier this month.


The oil industry is regularly represented at the Bilderberg conference by John Browne, BP´s chief executive officer; John Kerr, director Royal Dutch Shell; Peter D. Sutherland, BP chairman and Jeroen van der Veer, chairman of the Committee of Managing Directors of Royal Dutch Shell.


Queen Beatrix of Holland, Royal Dutch Shell´s principal shareholder is a full-fledged member of the Bilderbergers. Her father, prince Bernhard was one of the founders of the group back in 1954.




According to Daniel Estulin's inside sources, at the 2005 Bilderberg conference it was announced that the general public does not realize that the price for cheap oil can be the bursting of the debt bubble. Cheap oil slows economic growth because it depresses commodity prices and reduces world liquidity. There is a strong indication, based on the information reported from the Bilderberg 2005 meeting in Rottach-Egern, that the Federal Reserve is extremely concerned about the debt bubble. An American Bilderberger reported that if the price of oil is to go down to its previous low of $25 a barrel, the debt-driven asset bubble will explode.


Economic experts have stated that oil prices are not going to fall, rather they are going to rise further:


Analysts do not rule out the possibility of oil crossing the $100 a barrel mark, given the escalation of violence in the Middle East and the imminent peak of the U.S. hurricane season. There are more bets placed on an $80-a-barrel oil, as oil has climbed by about $10 a year in the past. The supply side of the equation remains vulnerable due to the surrounding geopolitical uncertainties especially in oil producing nations in the Middle East, Nigeria and Venezuela. The demand growth is likely to stay elevated due to the scorching pace of growth in developing economies like India and China. - http://www.tradingmarkets.com/tm.site/news/TOP%20STORY/321705/]RealTimeTraders.com


The key for big oil to make massive profit is not to produce more but to limit and strictly control the supply of oil. Thus an artificial scarcity is created whereby the demand increases and the price skyrockets. When lefty critics vomit out the cliche "its all about getting the oil' when referring to the Iraq war, what they fail to realise is that it's not about hoarding the oil and selling more and more, it is about taking control of it and stemming the flow.


For this very reason the continued violence in the middle east and the fallout of disasters such as hurricane Katrina will not harm big oil, it will allow the industry to reap massive profits.


Furthermore, higher energy prices do not take money out of the economy, they merely shift profit allocation from one business sector to another. In this sense expensive oil means reduced consumption in other sectors, unless higher income can be generated from the increased cash flow. Higher income translates into longer working hours, which often results in lower standard of living. So while Bilderberg's big oil boys get richer and fatter by producing less, the rest of the world gets poorer and has to work longer and harder to produce more. This is how the elite system works.


Publicly available CFR and Club of Rome strategy manuals from 30 years ago say that a global government needs to control the world population through neo-feudalism by creating artificial scarcity. Now that the social architects have de-industrialized the United States, they are going to blame our economic disintegration on lack of energy supplies.


Globalization is all about consolidation. Now that the world economy has become so centralized through the Globalists operations, they are going to continue to consolidate and blame it on the West's "evil" over consumption of fossil fuels, while at the same time blocking the development and integration of renewable clean technologies.




This brings us to Peak oil.


Peak oil is the theory that we have hit the peak of the world's oil supply and we are fast running out, therefore we must limit production.


Peak oil is a theory advanced by the elite, by the oil industry, by the very people that you would think peak oil would harm, unless it was a cover for another agenda. Which from the evidence of artificial scarcity being deliberately created, the reasons for doing so and who benefits, it’s clear that peak oil is a myth and it should be exposed for what it is. Another excuse for the Globalists to seize more control over our lives and sacrifice more American sovereignty in the meantime.


The crux of the issue is that if oil was plentiful in areas in which we are being told by the government and the oil companies that it is not, then we have clear evidence that artificial scarcity is being simulated in order to drive forward a myriad of other agendas. And we have concrete examples of where this has happened.


Three separate internal confidential memos from Mobil, Chevron and Texaco have been obtained by The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.


These memos outline a deliberate agenda to gouge prices and create artificial scarcity by limiting capacities of and outright closing oil refineries. This was a nationwide lobbying effort led by the American Petroleum Institute to encourage refineries to do this.


Read more about Peak Oil here.


While the big oil companies protest their innocence at making massive massive profits, suggesting the profit margins are lower than many other sectors, and that much of the earnings are reinvested in new production, they are perpetrating the biggest elitist economic scam on the planet.

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"evenues have exceed $1bn a day"


That's SICK! Absolutely disgusting. I'm so anti-Oil right now this just makes me hate these greedy pigs even more.


The only bright side I see with high oil prices is that it will motivate the development of alternate sources. Well maybe, cause that's really only possible when big oil sympathizers are booted from high office. :\ I had no idea Queen Beatrix was such an influence in this industry; here I was thinking that Bush and Co. were the only ones. Haha wow, I feel slightly enlightened now.

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They are already working on the next oil profit replacement

after the oil wells run dry " Water "


water has now become a commodity and is being traded internationally :(


Part of the world bank and the IMF conditions for joining

state that countries must not have state owned and controlled water companies


And Countries wishing to join the IMF must privatise that market or wont get entry.


Which means as soon as these small countries privatise there water companies

the global giants rush in and take them over. ExxonMobil owns a massive share

of these water companies already.


Recently in the UK a hose pipe ban was announced and the tv news

showed an empty reservoir and talk about every home in the UK having to have

water meters fitted and a new pay as you go system being impossed.

to limit the waste of water (yeah right !! £$£$£$£$)


Fact is the reservoir that was shown had actually been drained by the company

that owned it, cos they needed to make some repairs to the banks that held back

the water... also the water that was removed from the reservoir was infact pumped

into a massive large bag that was 4 times the length of a football pitch

and twice as wide,


Then this massive large bag was then towed by boat to syria i believe, who had purchased the Water.


Well what do you expect... if Companies take over water supplies

and Syria will pay more for the water than the company will get from

general supply to UK customers.. and these companies are only about making profits

then UK customers will have to go without cos there is more money to be earned selling

the water to countries that have less


Recently Channel 4 (UKTV) did a documentry about this subject

where they showed some african country that had not long joined the IMF/world bank

and had released all the rights to their water companies and made them availible

under the terms of joining the IMF to the private sector.

An english company moved in a snapped up all the shares to the countries water supply


overnight the price of water more than tripled and many of the people

had their water supplies cut off as they could not afford the new meter

pricing systems. In the end there was a massive revolt and the company directors

and workers had to flee the country... also the British embassy was stormed

as the embassy was providing "advisors" (security guards) to the water company staff.

Now the country faces trade blockades for going angainst the world bank

after seizing back control of the water companies.


If a country needs water and another has an massive surplus, then fine...

send them water... without charge or ties to aid packages

(like here is 100million pounds worth of water now buy 100million pounds worth of weapons from us)

as is normally the case with aid packages


The very idea and nature of having a government is too provide the people with

the basic and needed survices that its people needs. (the reason we pay taxes)

If a government does not control these services in the interest of its people,

then there is no need for a goverment at all, not if all the services are private owned like Water, Health Care etc.

Which are all being privatised to profit making global companies.

its just another step towards keeping the poor countries poor

and the elite non faced Virtual senate Very Rich.


Water is a basic human right and not a commodity and should be state run

not tied to these massive profit making companies.




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