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50 million population of England set to rise by six million in 25 years


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50 million population of England set to rise by six million in 25 years


Last updated at 17:23pm on 12th October 2006

crowdR_228x174.jpgBig increase: The population of England is set to rise by six million





The population of England is set to rise by some 6.3 million - 12.7 per cent - between 2004 and 2029, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said today.

It is predicted that the number of people living in the country will rise by 6,363,500, with general increases in all regions.

The 2004 figures for the total population are 50,093,100, rising to 56,456,600 by 2029. The London region is tipped to get the biggest jump, while the North East sees the slowest growth.

London will see an 18.6 per cent population rise (1,378,200) from 7,428,600 to 8,806,800. For the North East, a 3.7 per cent rise is predicted, going from 2,545,100 to 2,638,100.

The total projected population also shows a continued ageing in all areas. In 2004 the number of people aged 75 plus was 3,821,600 - but in 2029 this increases to 6,320,800.

The number of children aged up to four years old in 2004 was 2,857,700, which sees a more modest predicted rise to 3,046,800.

The local population projections look 25 years ahead from 2004 for the regions, local authority and Strategic Health Authorities of England.

They assume recent population trends continue and therefore do not reflect the impact of future development policies on an area, the ONS said.

The South West's population is set to rise by 16.4 per cent - from 5,038,200 to 5,862,500.

In the East region, this is 14.9 per cent, from 5,491,300 to 6,308,000. The East Midlands sees a jump from 4,279,700 to 4,874,100 (13.9 per cent).

Yorkshire and the Humber will go up from 5,038,800 to 5,737,500 (13.9%). The South East will also see a jump from 8,110,200 to 9,149,800 (12.8 per cent).

In the West Midlands, a 7.8 per cent rise sees the population go from 5,334,000 to 5,748,700. The North West should see a swell from 6,827,200 to 7,331,200 (7.4 per cent).

The population in more than one fifth of local authorities is projected to increase by more than 20 per cent by 2029, while 6% of authorities are projected to have decreasing populations.

These new long-term subnational population projections replace the 2003-based interim projections.

The subnational population projections for England are consistent with the official national population projections published by the Government Actuary's Department in October 2005, the ONS said.

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