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Women "shop-walk" 133 miles a year!!


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A survey by store chain, Woolworths has revealed that women burn up 193 calories on a typical shopping trip.

According to a report in The Sun, the survey has found that women walk around dozens of stores and clock up 133 miles a year.

However, most women do not regard shopping as proper exercise.

The report says that Woolworths quizzed 4,500 women about their shopping habits and worked out that 4,059 steps are taken each time they go hunting for bargains, which is almost half the daily number of steps recommended by heart specialists.

Three quarters of women said that when they go shopping with a friend they spend even more time going round stores.

Nevertheless, even 193 calories is roughly equivalent to a pint of bitter, a hot cross bun, 41/4 Jaffa cakes or one 67g Kentucky Fried Chicken drumstick.

A British Heart Foundation spokesman said, "Walking is a relaxing and enjoyable way to keep healthy. And as it requires no equipment or expense it is the perfect way to get more exercise."

"We were surprised high street shopping is clocking up so many miles and helping to keep customers stay healthy," said Nicole Lander, head of corporate affairs at Woolworths.

One in five women quizzed admitted making emergency dashes to the shops at least once a week for items such as forgotten gifts, the report adds.

The same proportion liked to spend an entire day shopping but less than half were methodical about it. Infact, majority of women admitted that shopping is fun for them.

The fact that an average trip lasts 21/2 hours confirms that men and women don’t make ideal shopping companions. A poll last year had revealed that men usually lose patience with shopping after 72 minutes.

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