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The best amplifier


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Hey guys!

I wondered if you could help me...I have to do this homework about amplifiers and how they work. I´d like to show the best brands. Do you know what are the best, - valve amplifiers, for guitars - brands in the market right now?

I like that Orange one...Which do you recommend?

Anything else you know about it...you can tell me, i ´d love to hear, thanks a lot!


ohh by the way...which one does Coldplay use?



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Best for what bass, electric, acoustic? And for what style of music? Best brands in general are Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Mesa, and I know im frogetting a few. But if someone says Ibanez or the like your a complete moron.

Oh and Coldplay uses alot of different ones. For live shows Chris and Jonny both use Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410's and Guy uses Ampeg's.

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Being a Coldplay fan and all, I would have to recommend the Hot Rod Deville from Fender, which happens to be the main amp Jonny and Chris uses on all their songs from studio to live venues. But by far the best amp money can buy has to be the Vox AC-30. How could anybody ignore its importance in the history of music? From The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Brian May of Queen and The Edge from U2. The most prominant amp in the British Invasion era.


Whichever amp you go with, TRY to go with the tube amps like the Hot Rod Deville or the Vox Ac-30s. The warmth and the color of the sound cannot be matched by a regular solid state amp. If you want to go solid state, go with Marshalls.


However, it is ALL up to the person playing on the amp. Each amp sounds different and the player must choose what is right for their style and taste.

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