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Ice-T's album cover too raunchy for U.S. music shops


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Ice-T's album cover too raunchy for U.S. music shops


Last updated at 11:34am on 25th October 2006 commentIconSm.gif

icet_228x216.jpgToo raunchy: The Ice-T album cover causing a stir in the U.S. Click enlarge for a closer look





Music shops across America are refusing to stock Ice-T's new album because of the raunchy image on the cover.

The 48-year-old rapper poses nude with his stripper wife Coco draped over him, barely covering his usually concealed weapon. Unless his record label places stickers over the album - which is titled Gangsta Rap and is his first in seven years - the legendary rapper faces a boycott by stores.

He said: "What can I say, I have been doing these kinds of things for years. You should see the picture when Coco's leg is not there."

The Eye is puzzled as to why Americans are outraged by a picture of a bum, yet they happily allowed the release of his 1992 single Cop Killer.

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