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poverty awareness at school...ideas?


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Hey everyone, I have a project at school where we need to select an issue and create awareness about it. I was thinking of doing something about poverty and I was thinking of oxfam and make poverty history, or maybe engineers without borders which is more personal, as I know someone deeply involved with it. He just married my cousin, and at the wedding we had fair trade coffee and kepahs from africa.

Anyway, we need to be creative about it, like a song, video, t-shirt design, website, or an article for the school newspaper. Does anyone have ideas to what I can do that will promote it? Or to present it in a creative way, maybe something interactive. All ideas are appreciated!


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How about creating a club at your school for Oxfam/Make Poverty History/etc and try to reach some sort of goal? That way you are creating awareness and getting people involved in a productive way. I guess this depends on how much time you have and if you decide to continue running the club after the project is completed.


Like in my school, my friend started up an Amnesty International club which I'm the graphic designer for and our first meeting had a huge turn out which was both pleasing and surprising.


Or if you had an assembly coming up, do some sort of performace or skit. Students do it to promote a cause or raise awareness like a huge powerpoint in the gym set to music with slides about poverty or such.


Just some thoughts :wink:

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i don't have any ideas to help you really, but you made me think about starting a club/project at school as well!

mh... that'd be an awesome idea.

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