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  1. hey all, has been a while since i posted on here (read like 2 years!), anyway, here's a picture or two of me, so those of you who care know what i look like!
  2. Hey, I'm just reminding all you coldplayers to voice your opinion and be part of who decides coldplaying.com's FAVORITE COLDPLAY SONG. Everything you need to know is here = http://coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48501 Remember there are new matches just about every day so check into the thread often!

  3. i pity your ignorance saffire. now if i'm correct what you positing is a single dilemma. yes, because that will disprove watson and crick, darwin, dawkins et al. right. but then again, you do live in a country where church and state are so closely intertwined it breaches the constitution (don't believe me? read letters to a christian nation, or your own consititutuion when it talks about the 'pursuit of happiness') you've obviously been brought up fairly religiously as was I. I don't preach to convert you to atheism, just for you to see the truth.
  4. care to present some evidence to support this? do you catalogue every report on evolution vs intelligent design? so how would you know that? if intelligent design is the scientifically proven theory then you have to prove the existence of the designer which is impossible for science to do. but we can prove that darwinian evolution is the means by which organisms evolve, and genes are the method by which this occurs. have you read anything about darwinian evolution from a side that supports it? i highly doubt it nick.
  5. well see heres the thing that is what we can prove happen. in einstein's theory of the big bang (which was formulated through research, not some crazy person from 2000 years ago hearing the voice of 'god') posit that the universe came into existence because at some chance occurence there was a substantial increase in matter compared to anti-matter (before the universe, matter and anti-matter were in proportion) and thus the big bang occurred because of this and 13 billion years later here we are.
  6. does it prove he DOES exist? no. there is more evidence to the contrary. read about the teacup analogy that is a common atheist's analogy for the existence of god and the interplay with science. suppose a teacup was orbiting mars, currently the telescopes we have couldn't see it, but we will eventually have the ability to see it, once we progress enough. that is, if the teacup exists. logic would imply there is no teacup orbiting mars as it has no logial place, but just because we cannot see it it does not exist. thus, by common logic god is yet to be disproved, but also proved, and comm
  7. god doesn't exist. man makes the mistake of thinking everything has to have an answer, and thinks he has found it through a religion. to whoever started the thread: open your eyes! jesus christ, allah, yaweh, the teachings of buddha or any deity will give you a pleasant afterlife of 72 virgins or save you from pits of fire. the fact is humans and our souls are a group of chemical reactions. when those reactions stop, life stops and what is known as our soul, ceases to exist. when you realise that fact, there is no need for religion. read a book or two about scientific fact. i have, and
  8. i'm bubbling with excitement. love the song. definite icelandic influence, sounds quite mum-ish, but with more depth. and seeing them in august, just thought i'd rub that in... :P
  9. huntjd


    ergh shit band. music is too electro-poppy. its nothing ground-breakingly new and it is being treated like the 3rd testament which i really don't get...
  10. In February I bought the entire Explosions In The Sky discorgraphy on vinyl. It will never be played, but I own it. GO VINYL!!
  11. For me so far (new sigur ros excites me, as does new mew) this year has been relatively flat, but so far i've liked: This Town Needs Guns - Self Titled Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs (BIG change musically for them, not lyrically though) City & Colour - Bring Me Your Love
  12. so its been a while since i posted a photo on here, so here is me as of one week ago:
  13. oh lord. i just bought the game and i'm not going to go on about how good it is. it defines next gen gaming. i don't have time to waste. gotta go back and play!
  14. Good for you being a law student. That means from now on your argument must be intelligent and be based upon credible, unbiased and untampered evidence. deal? Thus, if you say every country should deal with it's own domestic affairs separately, you shouldn't be concerned about what is happening in Israel, because by international law there is only one country there, Israel. Palestine isn't a country legally, rather classified as a nation, like kurdistan etc. So then Israel should be left to deal with it's internal problems alone, according to that line of argument. I agree with you, the US
  15. firstly, if you are going to resort to flip the fact that i'm proposing a logical argument as me insulting your incontrovertible lack of knowledge, global responsibility. and don't tell me to learn to debate/argue/talk with other people politely and properly. i'm a law student... i can hold my own in an argument politely thank you very much. in regards to china, you are again fabricating facts like you have previously done on here. instead of presenting evidence to support an argument, you place your own heavily biased argument on the table as if it is gospel with no eidence to proove i
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