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Gitta Rensolo

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That looks MONOTONOUS....doesn't it?


And that's how I feel right now....




damn actually I didn't want to make threads about my feelings anymore.....


but now I did.....




ok so please discuss MONOPOLY here

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I hate the game Monopoly... It's so booooring it makes me wanna sleep. It's really monotonous' date=' that's what I'd say.[/quote']


haha, my class mate from 3rd grade always wanted to play monopoly and eat raisins

I didn't visit her that often..

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^ :laugh3:

I can understand why.



My younger sister was always nagging me to play it with her. Once I did...she'd spend her money in a sec while I would be smart and patient.


Eventually, she would get bored with it. No one would won.

So I had to ask myself...what's the point?

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