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Now 'Sarf London Lily' is Queen of the Sloanes


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Now 'Sarf London Lily' is Queen of the Sloanes


By ANGELLA JOHNSON, Mail on Sunday Last updated at 22:00pm on 4th November 2006

lillyJTBB041106_228x418.jpgLily Allen: Tatler describes the 'sarf London' pop singer as a secret Sloane





This time last year she was just a 'Sarf London girl' who would have laughed at the very idea of having an army of aristocratic admirers.

But Lily Allen, whose chart-topping single Smile was the sound of last summer, has notched up yet another remarkable No1 - being named by society bible Tatler as Britain's most desirable eligible woman.

In her wake are a swathe of young Royals, titled beauties, supermodels and the pampered daughters of business tycoons and rock stars.

Tatler describes 21-year-old Lily as a "pretty popstrel who arrives at parties in heels and then swiftly changes into trainers. Likes people to think she's a Sarf London girl but is a secret Sloane. Completely heavenly".

Tatler's so-called Little Black Book is its annual list of 200 "sexy, sassy and seriously social" boys and girls - and its publication in the magazine's December issue is a high spot of the social calendar.

Lily, the daughter of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, says she became a singer because she had "no talent in any other area - it was that or marrying someone rich". Now, it seems, the rich are fawning over her.

At joint No2 are model sisters Olympia and Fiona Scarry, granddaughters of American children's author Richard Scarry. Tatler says they "are rarely seen in daylight hours. Fiona's into Russians and Olympia likes musos. Only the rich need apply".

Princess Anne's daughter and world champion three-day eventer Zara Phillips is at No3, despite her live-in relationship with England rugby star Mike Tindall.

The magazine says: "The laid-back granddaughter of the Queen has single-handedly brought jodhpurs back into fashion. Zara has never looked hotter."

Sam Branson, heir to the Virgin empire, leads the desirable boys. According to Tatler, the 'Samster' is a "wannabe rocker and model who dates only blondes and hangs on Necker" - his father's private Caribbean island.

Russell Brand, the stand-up comedian and television presenter who shot to fame after a brief liaison with model Kate Moss, is at No2. Tatler describes him as an "aggressively hetero Willy Wonka lookalike with an S&M twist".

At No3 is Evgeny Lebedev, the Aeroflot heir who "entertains in a fabulous blacked - out flat in Belgravia".

Those outside the Top 10 lists include Prince William and Kate Moss.

Geordie Greig, Tatler's editor, says the list is "a mix of the brightest and the most beautiful".

A model line-up - the Top 10 girls

1. Lily Allen - chart-topping singer

2. Olympia and Fiona Scarry - models and granddaughters of author Richard

3. Zara Phillips - Queen's granddaughter and world champion three-day eventer

4. Amber le Bon - model daughter of Duran Duran singer Simon and his wife, model Yasmin

5. Coco Brandolini - New York-based fashionista

6. Poppy Delevingne - model and socialite

7. Alice Dellal - photographer and socialite

8. Alice Rothschild - heiress

9. Nathalie Press - London-born actress

10. Daisy Lowe - daughter of rock singer Pearl Lowe

Rock and riches - the Top 10 boys

1. Sam Branson - son of Sir Richard

2. Russell Brand - comedian and television presenter

3. Evgeny Lebedev - jazz musician

and Aeroflot heir

4. Fenton Bailey - son of photographer David Bailey

5. Frederick Hervey, Marquess of

Bristol - brother of socialites Lady Victoria Hervey and Lady

Isabella Hervey

6. Jenson Button - Formula 1 racing driver

7. Jamie Dornan - Irish musician, actor and model

8. Otis, Isaac and Tara Ferry - sons of Roxy Music star Bryan

9. James Morrison - Hit singer-songwriter

10. Prince Harry - spare heir

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