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Music literature

Gitta Rensolo

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Yes there is more than just the music itself......

A meaning behind it (political etc....), an influence on different cultures....(btw this is the thing I want to study at university "musicology")......


So what music literature can you recommend? What is it about? Maybe a biography? Comments by musicologists? By the artists themselves? etc.....


What did you read so far?




I read some books about 50 years in german pop-history.....there was this huge documentary about it called "pop 2000" some years ago....quite interesting.....


Anything similar?




Whatever it is feel free to recommend something......if it's possible not only a list of names.....maybe what it is like etc....



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the book shop I used to work in had loads of different music books in, across a variety of subjects from biographies of artists/bands to information about the various types of music (punk/rock/classical/country etc)


A friend recommended 'Ratpack Confidential' by Sean Levy to me as a good music biog to read. I've not got round to reading it yet though.

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