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Cowell turns down Extras


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Simon Cowell refused to appear in Ricky Gervais' comedy programme Extras because he will not sing live.


The X Factor judge spends each week judging the live performances of music wannabes, but it seems that when it comes to people judging him, Cowell won't play ball.


Gervais reportedly wanted him to sing Elton John's hit Daniel, but Cowell told him: "I can't sing. Why would I humiliate myself?"


Gervais, who stars as actor Andy Millman in Extras, said: "He said it was the one thing he couldn't do.


"I wanted him to sing Daniel and he told me 'I can't do it darling'. He said he'd do anything but that."


Had Cowell agreed to take part he would have been the latest in a long line of celebs who have set themselves up on Extras, including Daniel Radcliffe, Orlando Bloom, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Kate Winslet and David Bowie.


Both Gervais and his co-writer on Extras, Stephen Merchant, have been nominated for the best TV comedy actor award at this year's British Comedy Awards.



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