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The Coldplay swapping Game


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Me and my friends were just conversing and we came up with what I think is an interesting Game. Its called coldplay member swapping we replace a member coldplay with another music artist anybody u can think of. Think of how funny it would be if the frontman of coldplay was mick jagger....lol I'm am interested 2 hear some other ones

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Ugh I just hate the band altogether, the name AND the music....:P



About their song titles: They are obviously not original, considering they copied off Natalie Portman's line in 'Closer'. :veryangry: So when I quote that line, everyone's like 'Oh that's a song', but it's not you dipshit, it's from a movie! That stupid band copied off of it!

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Ohh, that's interesting.

How about...

Swap Chris for Gerrad Way from My Chemical Romance or Prince

And we could swap Will for Travis Barker.

That'd be interesting....

why do you want to replace Coldplay members already by those idiots?


Chris Martin - Bono or Axel Rose:laugh4:

Jon Buckland - Jon Greenwood,Bryan May,Slash

Guy Berryman - Flea

Will Champion - Keith Moon

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