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HELP! positive aspects ASAP pleaaaase


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I'm writing an essay on Coldplay...and I need to write about positive aspects of the band...but not like the things they do for charity and all that, more about their music and lyrics and things. I'm sort of making stuff up as I go along..but besides themes and lyrics, what else can I write about?


For those of you who care to read what I have so far:

Many people think that music is an art, a way to express your feelings in ways that words may not. Coldplay is a band that has achieved this time and time again, and will hopefully continue to do this for many years to come. Coldplay’s lyrics send out a positive message to their audience, the themes their albums explore are easy to relate to, and their live performances are unforgettable. The band met during their first week of college in London in the mid-90s and began writing songs together. The singer, Chris, started writing songs; Jonny joined on guitar while Guy joined on bass and Will learned to play drums so he could be in the band (Wild par 4). They first released 500 copies of a three-track EP in 1998 where they got signed to the Fierce Panda label. Eventually Parlophone picked them up (Wild par 5). It was on this label that they released their three best selling albums. Coldplay's first album Parachutes was an instant hit with the simple yet beautiful song “Yellow.” From there came A Rush of Blood to the Head and more recently, X&Y. Coldplay has challenged the music industry and have influenced a wave of new bands such as The Music and Keane.

A lot of Coldplay’s messages are about never giving up or letting things stand in your way. In “Everything’s Not Lost” the lyrics state “Everybody’s out to get you / Don’t you let it drag you down.” This is one song shows understanding, and it really connects the band to its audience. Furthermore, the title is repeated many times throughout the song, sending a positive message. Many songs are telling listeners not to give up when things get tough and pull through it. In “Amsterdam” the words “I know I’m dead on the surface / But I’m screaming underneath” also give the same message, along with “And I swerve out of control / And I swear I waited and waited, I’ve got to get out of this hole.” “Clocks”, has the lyrics, “Tides that I tried to swim against / Have brought me down upon my knees.” They are also trying to tell you that there are things in the world that will try to stand in your way, but even when you fall down you need to get back up again.

One of the most important things in the world is love. Love plays a major role with Coldplay as a band, in their music and lyrics, and is one thing that everyone in the world can relate to. A lot of the time when Coldplay went into the studio they didn’t take musical ideas, but instead created music from moods or feelings (Wild par 15). One of the lyrical themes on the albums was “the happiness of relationships and friendships and everything combined with the stress of them” (Parker par 27). It helps you to understand life and to appreciate it as well. In the song “Green Eyes” the lyrics talk about how one person can make a huge difference, “Because I came here with a load / And it feels so much lighter since I met you.” In “Low,” “All you ever wanted was love / But you never looked hard enough / It’s never gonna give itself up.” By listening to these words, it may help someone realize that if you want something, you must go out and find it. “The Scientist” is a beautiful song lyrically, although it may seem abstract to many. “Questions of science / Science and progress / Do not speak as loud as my heart” is not only describing what it says literally, but also describing regular words compared to expressing love through music. “A Message”, a simple love song with lyrics like “I’m nothing on my own” and “My song is love, is love unknown / And I’ve got to get that message home.” It is about getting someone to understand how much they mean to you, and a lot of people can relate to that when they have relationship problems. These songs are displayed in a variety of musical forms. “A Message” and “Green Eyes” are mainly acoustic guitars, while “The Scientist” is a soft ballad, and “Low” is a rocky, upbeat song. Coldplay have successfully expressed themselves through their music in many different forms.


If there is one thing Coldplay are known for by their fans, is their live performances. As someone who has had the chance to experience it 3 times so far, it is an incredible moment in time where everything stops and nothing matters. The first performance I saw was in 2003 on the lawn at the Molson Amphitheatre. As one of the first concerts I’ve ever been to, I was blown away by the lights, sounds, and overall feeling of the concert. In 2005 there was a completely different atmosphere, much more intimate in the Kool Haus, which holds about 2000 people, compared to the sold out 16 000 Molson Amphitheatre. Less lights, due to smaller production, but still phenomenal. Coldplay had wanted to get used to playing again, so they kept popping up in cities to play a small venue two weeks after tickets went on sale, rather then 9 months before. “You can’t hide behind anything in small clubs. You can’t hide behind big production or anything. It’s just you and the crowd” says Jonny Buckland, the Coldplay guitarist (Parker par 31). This past year in March 2006 I saw them at the ACC where along with lights and lasers, there were huge yellow balloons that when popped, exploded with gold confetti. There was a huge screen behind them showing serene scenes and funky images, as well as the band themselves. Cell phone and iPod lights blinked along with lighters during the ballads, a site I will never forget. The audience took over the band in volume by singing their hearts out.

Coldplay are an amazing band, and greatly benefit the music industry. With heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics, thought provoking themes along with a memorable live performance, Coldplay are a band that will not be soon forgotten.

And I need some quote by someone in coldplay that supports my opinions..and I need to include my thoughts (or someones thoughts) on the impact coldplay has had on society. this is so stupid, it's not focused on anything...



probably shit anyway...it's due tomorrow, and it's already late. ANY ideas are appreciated.

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Ok to fix that first sentence.

Coldplay's first album Parachutes, had an instant hit with the simple yet beautiful "Yellow".


It's definitely not shit. Your analysis of the lyrics is great. I think overall it's the lyrics that allow the listener to think. Actually ponder the meaning and reflect it into his or her own life. That's what makes it personal and meaningful. And when anyone begins to think and use their intellect like that, it's positive, not only for the moment, but to grow as a person. I think that's a positive reason. Progression of the mind.


The positive is only reinforced by the support of the whole band. haunting guitar/ bass. Penetrating drumlines.


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thanks! i just changed the sentance to what you suggested.


i'm looking for something that i can use as a topic... i was thinking doing somethig like i did for the "love" paragraph...but then i kind of already went into the topic of never giving up in my first paragraph...hmm

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Not bad at all overall. Have more confidence in yourself!


I must point out that you have several words spelled wrong. Use your spell check buddy.


I'd analyze what you have and help you a bit more, but now you are changing the topic on us or not?


Also, what is the topic of the essay? Those two topics are related, but the first allows for more to be written about I think. It's tempting, but live performances are sort of hard to be felt just from writing, but if this essay doesn't have to be more than two pages double spaced, then you might be able to pull it off.


My personal opinion would be to stick to your original topic, fix the spelling errors and possibly tie this idea in the intro--the fact that Coldplay's lyrics to some may seem depressing (I've been told this by some) to some--but to many others, it is uplifting and comforting, because the lyrics are about situations in life that MANY if not all people will encounter and can identify with, and the instruments and the lyrics together create for great comfort and enjoyment.


Also, for the structure, I would tie in that last part describing the "musical form" into the previous descriptions.


As far as bands they have influenced, I don't know. I'm not really musically diverse to know of bands that I can say with confidence that have been influenced by them. One off the top of my head would be "The Fray" (perhaps?).



Good luck, any more questions, go ahead and ask.

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yeah I was just going through it now and fixed some parts up a bit.

see, the problem is even I'm not sure what I'm wriing about...and at nearly 2am I'm not too sure I care that much anymore. My teacher is pretty consistant in giving everyone the same marks over and over again, so I'm definatly getting and 80 or 90 on this essay. My teacher's reaaaaally messed up though...he doesn't explain how we're supposed to do anything. We do research on the band and examine their music and lyrics...then we need to talk about their three most impressive accomplishments :confused: that need to be supported from our notes! and it's supposed to focus on the positive aspects of our artist.

Doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I just wrote about the live performances..I can't think too deeply at this time anymore. I'm reposting my revised essay over my old one now.

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