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Attack on Girlfriend Proves Fatal to Boyfriend's Wii Privileges


Words... I need more words... My grasp of the English language is simply not sufficient to describe how incredibly amazing this picture is. Rocky Balboa wouldn't have a black eye that is this painful looking even after a dozen or so rounds with Apollo Creed, Mr. T and that Russian dude all at the same time. Let's face it, if she was a fighter... They'd cut her for sure.


Just look at the little trooper... Smiling away as if she didn't look like a second head was about to grow out of her freakin' eye. Ladies and gentlemen, join with me now in bowing before what is easily the most painful looking Wii injury to date. Her boyfriend fills us in on what happened...


"The day our Wii arrived also happened to be when my work was holding our Christmas party. Not being one to forego free booze, off I went leaving the girlie to play to her hearts content.


After guzzling a copious amount of 'wife beater' (Stella Artois) - I returned home to find the girlie in mid battle with a Zelda 'Boss'. In my inebriated state, it was instinctual to become her knight in shining armour. I proceeded to take the controllers off her and fight the beast myself.


Unfortunately, my courage was far greater then my skill. Having taken a good kicking, Liz then tried to intervene with disastrous results. She approached me from the side, appearing from my blind spot, whilst I was performing a slashing movement. I hit her with full force right in her eye! :o


I truly thought I'd blinded her and was almost about to call an abulance but then her pain died down. You can see the results of the accident in the attached photo...


I'm lucky that Liz is a good sport, but it did cost me, Liz has first dibs on the Wii... a small price to pay - I guess :( -Jim"

Jim, I would congratulate you on a wild story, but I am still staring with my mouth agape at your poor girlfriend. The necessary bill from the florist alone would be enough to send me into debtors prison for the rest of my days.


As for you Liz... You just Semper Fi my little Wii soldier.



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