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Video released by EMI of Coldplay concerts in México


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Here´s a video I just received via email from EMI (Coldplay´s record label).

It´s a mix with diferent songs performed by the band at the Auditorio Nacional .





The email I got is actually a newsletter they send with info from all their artists, adn this time it features Coldplay...


Hope you guys like it!!!

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Christian : thank's for the link ! As for the link on youtube, i wouldn't like attending a concert where people sing during the whole concert with Chris. It's quite annoying and as a result you can't enjoy the concert as the crowd is singing. When i go to a concert in Paris, people don't behave like that. Sometimes they sing a few seconds at the beginning of a song which has the most success but not during the whole concert. It would spoil it i think. :(

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