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Coldplay new youtube channel


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i found this morning a coldplay youtube channel. http://youtube.com/ColdplayTV


it contains their music videos yellow,speed of sound and in my place. All the videos where added in january.


it contains messages such as "This video was shot in the recently de-comissioned Saatchi Gallery. This song was the first single from 'Rush Of Blood To The Head'. Sophie Muller shot it and the two characters in the background are Faith Holmes (video comissioner) and our make-up artist! " In My Place


This video was made for us by Mark Romanek, in the same room where a lot of 'The Wizard Of Oz' was shot. Behind the light screen Mark built was an enormous staircase that we were racing up between takes. (Probably in an effort to slim down - Mani from Stone Roses had seen me with a cake a few weeks before and said "nobody likes a fat pop star") Speed of sound


Our cheapest & best video we think. It was all meant to be big + grand, but it rained. Yellow

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