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I love cricket, used to be a member of the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, while I was at uni....was brilliant spending those long lazy summer afternoons outside, hearing the sound of leather on willow (kinky) drinking a cold cider with your mates, just talking and watching the world float by.


Ive loved cricket from about the age of 12...but it took about 8 years to fully understand the rules...damn complicated game, its got more quirks than you can cope with....


So any questions ask me :)


btw little pop quiz...there are 10 ways you can be out in cricket...wanna name them? :)


PS Victoria (if you read this) you ever watched Gloucestershire in bristol? It's a lovely ground and the new Jessop stand is cool :)


Gloucestershire la la la, Gloucestershire la la la.....


Mark Alleyne's BARMY ARMY, Mark Alleyne's BARMY ARMY

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