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  1. I'm here now and again, looky bloody penguin champion :D
  2. If I died I think I'd be found quickly either by Jessy, or housemates or by workmates...tho there is a story about how a guy crashed late at night off the A3 in Guildford into the woods by the side of the road. No-one saw it and it wasn't until a year later when another crash occured around there that they even found the car.
  3. DoogieJ


    She is a kraut :P
  4. DoogieJ


    Quick update from the Guildford massive... me and Jewel (aka Jess) still together after meeting on these boards nearly 4 years ago. Still living with Hicksy (aka Simon), so nothing much has changed :D
  5. I'll pass this on to her :) Thanks guys n girls.
  6. I came here cos Hicksy told me to, then I met Jewel...wow that was 3 years ago :O Time don't half fly!
  7. Wasn't sure if Simon still posted here or now so I thought I'd mention him too. All is well, Jewel will be living with me for good from October and we will look at getting a house of our own sometime next year. So Ian you may need to buy a hat :P hahaha
  8. Hello everyone who remembers us, been about 7 months since I last posted :P Just saying hi. Jewel is in Germany atm finishing her degree then she should be moving to the UK to live with me. Hooray... I'm still living with Hicksy, but he has a gf now so doesn't do much online as he used to. So all in all, it's all good. Doogie
  9. Erm, me and jewel we didn't get married, not that I know of....where did that information come from? :O
  10. hahah, well considering only like 83% of Americans between 16-24 could find the USA on the map, it doesn't surprise me if they can't find the other places :) Poor Australia though, you're fucked come world war 3 :P
  11. rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best night evahhhhh
  12. 2 years and 2 months nearly with Jewel :D
  13. Yup still together and stuff :) <3 Joule.
  14. DoogieJ


    *pokes Lea and goes away again*
  15. I'm sure Camilla did before they got married :)
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