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DVDs i havent seen


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that are sitting on our shelf right now that i've never seen:

i'm so slow to getting around to watching them these days..


Office Space

Spirited Away

In the Bedroom


The Recruit

Wilco - I am trying to break your heart

Pavement - Slow Century

Red Dragon


anyone tell me if i need to get off my ass and immediately put one of these on? Whats gathering dust on your shelf?

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I think the recruit is pretty good....

dvds that I haven't watched yet are...

blazing saddles




i really don't want to watch these movies...but does anyone have anything good to say about them?

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you should definitely watch Platoon if you like Vietnam films, well it's a good film anyways even if you're not into war films..Blazing Saddles i found to be not quite as funny as everyone else seems to make out, it's ok i guess..10? eh, nah, watch Platoon out of those 3.

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