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The Rick Roll Factor...


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Any one else preoccupied with clicking on new threads and links at the risk of being rick rolled?


What happens when the first single is released, or the album does leak? Will the fear of being rick rolled prevent us from finding out the latest Coldplay news?


I fear that the person who invented the rick roll might not have foreseen its dire consequences...

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I'm not too worried, after all, this isn't a Radiohead message board. (No offense to the boys, I love them, but their fans can be a bit less inviting than here).


lol. I have an almost never-used account on atease. The band is great, but some of the fans can get...er...you know.


I agree, Age Six Racer. It is funny, but only to a point.:lol:


I give my solemn vow here that if I create a leak thread it will NOT be a prank. And I think after the last few days, we have a better idea who we can trust!!:laugh3:


(I think we may know a coldplayer with access to a potential leak, but I'm not sure, and no, it's not me, much as I wish it was.)

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