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  1. Hi, I've merged your thread with the existing one, you can find your post here now. :nice:

  2. KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit What does everyone think so far?
  3. My Pictures Here are my pictures from the concert, held at the best indoor arena in the United States, Philips Arena http://picasaweb.google.com/mbrooks83/ColdplayPhilipsArenaNov112008#
  4. Barack Obama's core belief is that we belong not to ourselves, but to government. We are tools that the government is free to use to bring about what Obama calls "economic justice." The fruits of our labor belong to government ... and government can do with them what it pleases. Now if this is your philosophy, then vote for this guy. Then every time you draw a paycheck why don't you drop him a line and ask him how much of it you can keep to care for your family and plan for your own future and how much he would like to have to redistribute to someone who sat on their butt while you were busting yours. After all, you voted for him.
  5. well if the world says so, then it must be correct...
  6. talk about bullshit hype. i cant believe america is about to elect a socialist as president. his policies are going to be a disaster on the economy and fighting terrorism. From boortz.com A note to voters. For a slim chance that Obama can be defeated: 1.Don't even think you're going to change the minds of black Americans on this one. They're going to vote for Obama .. and that is that. So, what else is new? Black America has been in the tank for Democrats for quite some time now. 2.A lot of voters are going to have to get a lot more familiar with Barack Obama. There going to have to realize that he is a man with limited experience – very limited – who has wonderful oratorical skills and not much else. 3.Since most Americans work for small businesses – owned by the very people being target by Barack Obama for tax increases – they're going to have to realize that voting for The Chosen One might actually put their job in jeopardy. See my advice to small business owners below. 4. Voters will have to ask themselves whether they are voting for a candidate they truly know and understand, or if they are merely following the MoveOn-Media-led herd off the cliff. 5. Voters are going to have to see through is lies and half-truths. His latest effort to lead voters astray is his statement that 95% of privately-owned businesses don't earn $250,000 a year. While that statistic may be right, it is completely meaningless. If you understand that, you won't vote for Obama. If you don't, you will. 6. Additionally, voters will have to realize that in the end businesses – and that means all businesses – don't pay taxes. The collect the taxes from their customers and pass them on to the government. Sometimes they collect the money needed to pay taxes from their employees, by firing them and keeping all of the money, or by denying them their next pay increase. 7. Obama-bots are going to have to suddenly realize that character does count for something, and hanging around with unrepentant terrorists, America-hating preachers, corrupt politicians and crooks does say something about one's character. 8. They'll have to understand that Michelle Obama meant it when she said that she was never proud of the USA until her husband became a front-runner for the Democrat convention. 9. More voters will have to realize that America is great because of the dynamic of a free people working together in economic freedom with a basic set of rights guaranteed under a constitution establishing a rule of law, not because of government. McCain understands this. Obama doesn't. 10. They'll have to understand that government is force. Chose carefully those to whom you would give control over the police power of government. 11. Maybe seeing that Argentina has just seized all private pension plans might wake some people up. Who knows? 12. Speaking of corruption ... voters will have to understand that Barack Obama has had many opportunities in his political life to take a stand against government corruption. Not ONCE has he ever stepped up to the plate. There's much more, but you get the idea. Yeah, Obama could lose. But he has the media totally in the tank for him ... and a government educated voting population poised to go to the polls. The odds aren't good.
  7. From Slant: "And compared to the reigning kings of English rock, Dig Out Your Soul is more rewarding than spending time with cunts like Death and All His Friends." LONG LIVE OASIS!!!
  8. http://www.hulu.com/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia
  9. Everyone screams about Palin being far to the right. What about Obama. He is just as far to the LEFT as Palin is to the RIGHT. Obama is not acceptable either.
  10. ok, but what about what Obama is doing. a bit of a double-standard really...politics of change? i think not...
  11. Oh, if only more of your countrymen would follow your lead....cough*ChrisMartin*cough.
  12. http://boortz.com/nuze/200809/09102008.html#operatives Not that some of you will care, but you do remember how Our Savior won his first election to the Illinois State Senate, don't you? He sent his campaign workers to the voter registrar's office and kept them there until they had managed to disqualify everyone running against him. Now the word is that Obama has sent dozens – who knows how many operatives – to Alaska to work 24/7 on digging up some dirt on Sarah Palin. Let me tell you what Obama would say if McCain sent someone to Chicago to dig up dirt on him. He would whine and cry about a "return to the old politics." Funny how that standard doesn't apply to him.
  13. So you would be able to stand up if someone runs up to you from behind and tackles you? You sir, are a douche bag.
  14. Yeah, we're just jealous. How dare the home team win the gold medal count. Come on, that's the most trivial thing about this olympics. The point is that the Chinese government failed miserably in its attempt to show the world they were changing for the better.
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