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[Article] Chris Martin can sing a rainbow


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JUST a week after his missus, actress GWYNETH PALTROW, emerged from hibernation to talk a load of mumbo jumbo, COLDPLAY’s CHRIS MARTIN does the same.


Only he doesn’t have the hot new body.


The frontman was spouting hippy nonsense when he was asked about his new album, Viva La Vida — out June 12 — insisting each track is a different COLOUR.


Chris said: “Each song is our attempt to do a different colour. It doesn’t matter whether the record is good or bad. It matters that it’s colourful. The songs are supposed to be flavours, things we haven’t tasted before.”




By that reckoning, would their storming track of summer 2000, Yellow, taste like a banana?


The hippy at heart also told NME he thinks it’s great that JAY-Z is the top act at this year’s Glastonbury. He added: “For the record, I think it’s brilliant Jay-Z is headlining. It needs to be freshened up, y’know?”


Yes, Shakin’ Stevens — who is also in the festival line-up — is about as refreshing as one of Glasto chief Michael Eavis’s old wellies.


Coldplay’s new single Violet Hill has been downloaded by a staggering two million people in just one week. At least the music is doing the talking.



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i also thought the samething each album and song he writes has its own color.

he applies all his talent to show different colors in world applying so much thought.


i like his way of song writing.


Each of it does really a talking of my life.

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