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What time will Tickets go Onsale


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As dumb as that sounds...

I have a football practice at 10am on June 14, the day tickets go onsale... I was hoping to get the best seats possible, shooting for front row with 2 other kids (BTW they suck on computers)


What time do tickets usually go onsale?

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everytime i have every bought tickets for a show through ticketmaster (not just coldplay) they have gone on sale at 10am. but if there is a presale (which hopefully there will be) i'm guessing iit would be later in the day and it would obviously be an earlier date anyway.

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man, my tickets go on sale the 14th as well.


im covering all the bases because I want similar tickets to the ones you want, in Winnipeg.


I'll be up at midnight to make sure that I do get them. If they arent on then, ill just stay up until I get them.


and constantly check for presale.

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