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Your Favorite Art


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Everybody's got their favorite paintings, so I decided I'd make a thread for people to post 'em. It's always good to be exposed to new artists and ideas, not just in the realm of music but the visual arts, also.


Caravaggio's painting of St. Matthew being approached by an Angel is beautiful to me for its simplicity and elegance. The Angel looks weightless and the way the light flows like liquid over their skin and cloth really makes it come to life. Plus the vertical orientation of the painting emphasizes its spiritual content:




Matisse did a few pieces like this, showing a person silhouetted against a night sky as if they were flying in a dream. Again, I love how mesmerizing and simple the image is, yet it conveys powerful emotion:




Finally, Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks". His paintings tend to be lonely, with few people in them. I love the 1950's style and calmness:




So go ahead and post your own!

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The Hallucinogenic Toreador - Salvador Dali


Probably my favourite surrealist painter of all time.


Puddle - MC Escher



Reptiles - MC Escher


I love this guy's work. Its probably the type of thing I would have up on my walls when I get a place of my own. I've also been heavily influenced by this artist throughout my art course. He's an mathematical genius, this man.


I've got a lot more favourites, but I don't want to take over this thread. I'll post some more tomorrow.

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Here's the ones I have on my walls :


Van Gogh's Starry night over the Rhone



Monet's Nymphéas, effet du soir



Monet's La promenade



and I am a big fan of my brother-in-law's works.

He made the first one for my birthday and got inspiration from a photo. He made the other one for a free exhibition in an art shop.

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