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Forrest Gump = Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends


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so im watching forrest gump right now


and it seems like the songs can relate to this movie.


if anyone gets the chance to watch it, please let me know what u think.


and i do mean all the songs..well kind of..

i haven't heard most songs from the album but just the titles seem to fit the movie. let me know and thanks :D

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I got it!




Back on topic: Forrest Gump = Viva...hmmm....not sure Im following this one



It seems more like X&Y is connected with Forrest Gump.The theme of the movie is the unpredictability of life,which sometimes can be represented by variables X and Y. The album has a very similar theme, they almost go hand in hand.



But VLV = Forrest Gump, I cant say I agree with that:\

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