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T in the Park [2003]

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Did anyone go? I found this review from a Scotish newspaper:


While cult New York quartet The Rapture played to a small but enthusiastic core audience, the masses were drinking the anthems of Coldplay.


They drifted through a mellow set of piano ballads with only the occasional stand-out track - the beguiling Don’t Panic knocked spots of new songs such as the bland In Your Place and the sub-U2 strains of Clocks. The special guest, Ian McCulloch, joined the band for an encore of his band’s Echo and the Bunnymen’s old track Lips Like Sugar but, on balance, it was probably too downbeat a finale to a major festival. But the fireworks made up for it.


Seems kinda harsh! I also found a few pictures but, they're small and only of Chris:



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I was there! Really good show, thats the second time i have seen them live. Both at t in the park! First show was the year they released Shiver and Yellow. Really good set as well with a lot of there b-sides.

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I was there and it was an amazing show. Disppointed to see that they never played Shiver but they more than made up for it. The crowd played their part as well. As for the fireworks, well they were OK but nothing compared to Slane 2001!!

I've got 4 tracks up on my webspace just now from Radio 1's broadcast on Monday. They only played 10 songs on the broadcast













I'll try and get more up at the start of next week. Only have 30MB I'm afraid!! Cheers to Jeff for encoding these from the radio!!

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