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Free stuff courtesy of EMI Mexico when you buy VLV


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first of all, these are not pictures of mine, i took them from a blog


A mexican record store is giving some free stuff when you buy the album; they give you a card with a code for you to download 3 bonus tracks and a lithography with a picture of the band on one side and on the other the album cover.


Here are some pics, and by the way, the album went on sale on Mexico 3 days ago when the release date was for the 17 or something like that.




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I went to a mixup on saturday to buy on presale the album, and they didn't have it yet... they only gave me the card for downloading the 3 songs (nice to hear A Spell a Rebel Yell in a decent quality). I'm going to pick it up tomorrow and finally I will have VLVODAAHF in my hands and that nice litography (cool! they chose the same pic of my avatar)... I'm so happy :P .

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